Customized Label Bloodborne Pathogen 10 Series Kit


Customized Bloodborne Pathogen Kit

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Surefill™ Bloodborne Pathogen 10 Series Kit OSHA compliant

Surefill™ Bloodborne Pathogen 10 Series Kit is designed to cater for all blood borne related spills in the workplace. A blood borne spill is an unintended release of a potentially infectious material. Proper response to such incidents ensures employee safety while reducing environmental contamination concerns. With the unique four pouch refill the items are kept organized and easily accessible in the event of a spill. A quality, wall mountable weatherproof case ensure the contents are protected from water, dust and other demanding conditions.

AGNPF02 AeroGlove™ Nitrile Gloves 4
AHBB24US AeroHazard™ Biohazard Bag 24 in x 24 in 1
AHBFPIUS AeroHazard™ Bloodborne Pathogens Instructions 1
APR02 AeroHazard™ Disposable Apron White 32 in x 52 in 1
AHS10 AeroHazard™ Fluid Solidifier 10g 1
AHBSSUS AeroHazard™ Scoop & Scraper 1
AW8200 AeroWipe™ Antimicrobial Hand Wipe 1
AW9100 AeroWipe™ Germicidal Hard Surface Wipe 1
AeroKit™ Weatherproof 10 Series Plastic Case 1

Code: AKBF10W
UPC: 9341394014367
Size: 8.5”L x 3”W x 5.5”H
Weight: 0.7
Items Per Kit: 12
Regulatory Compliance: Assists in compliance with: OSHA 29CFR1910.1030 regulations. FDA Registered.
Case Material: Plastic

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